Changing color temperature

Hello all,
i’m new to Openhab and I’m having trouble getting my lamps to work properly. I use a conbee2 stick on a Raspi running openhabian. I have several bulbs, including Osram Lightify with warm white and cold white and here is my problem: The brightness can be controlled via openhab, but if I add the color temperature as a dimmer and change it, nothing happens. Am i doing anything wrong?
Thanks in advance

What are the values you are using for the dimmer item? Try adding it as a Number item using the slider control.

Thank you for the answer, but I don’t think I quite understand. The type is number, the category slider? Or where do i add the slider?

Or do i have to edit the items file in text?

Edit: okay i think i get it now, i added the light as type number and created a slider on my pages. Is there any way i can find out which min and max values my light has? I dont know if it is in kelvin or some other measurement.

I don’t use Osram so am unsure of the exact specs - but a quick check on google brought me to a bulb that supports 2700K - 6500K.

Yeah, you’re probably right. But I also have some LED strips where I don’t know the specs. Somehow the values in openhab are not updated when I change the color temperature in my deconz overlay and i dont understand why.

You could try a bigger range on the slider and seeing if LED strip does visually look different.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t see the number in openhab, perhaps try looking at the logs when you make a change in the deconz overlay.

Exact numbers seem to be 2702-6535