Changing Group Membership Requires Restart of OH

I’ve seen this problem a couple of times now, consistently enough to be convinced that it isn’t an ID-10-T problem.

If I have a Group and assign multiple Items to that Group everything is fine.

However, if I subsequently remove an Item from that Group in the Items file, openHAB does not remove the Item from the Group until I restart openHAB.

I first saw the problem in a rule but it is also easy to see the problem in the Sitemap if using a Group element.

I’m posting this here to see if anyone else has seen this behavior. I’m thinking this is an ESH issue so will post over there and/or create an issue if it seems warranted.

EDIT: Apparently the Items remain a member of the Group even after a restart. More to follow if I figure out a work around…

EDIT 2: OK, the work around is to comment out the Group, save the file, uncomment the Group, save the file, and restart OH.

I have the same issue. Can reproduce by modifying the items file. IF it helps, I have noticed different outcomes based on which UI I check. Android vs Basic. A full restart fixes. I have not tried the multisave route. Mike

Is any work in progress regarding this? Apparently the issue still exists… on 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1066