Changing item name

Is there a way to change an item name in PaperUI or Habmin? In PaperUI, when I click on an item, I can change the label, but not the name. In Habmin, when I click on an item, I can’t change anything.

In OH1, I manually created a .items file. In OH2, I was able to use PaperUI to set up all things/items. Where does the final item configuration file reside? Can I somehow take that and use it as my .items file (in /etc/openhab2/items), replacing all the setup I did through PaperUI? That way, it is easier for me to change the item names.

Yes you can do that. On the Paper UI Things listing, pick the channel of the item you want to put in items file. There is a text name for the channel and, underneath that, a technical description like “zwave:device:8426aca6:node16:switch_binary”. If you click the clipboard icon immediately to the right of that, it copies the detail to the clipboard. You can paste that directly into a {channel=…} "phrase in an items file.