Changing Owner to "pi" (for autostart purposes) causes problems with Zwave Devices

I a Rpi 2 w/Razberry controlling a few devices.

When I followed a guide to get Openhab to autostart, it caused the devices to not respond.

The autostart guide:

this is the command I ran to change the user
sudo chown -hR pi:pi /opt/openhab

And in the /etc/init.d/openhab file I made sure the RUN_AS=pi

Openhab now autostarts perfect but the problem…

Somehow this made the Zwave devices not able to communicate via Openhab

It’s probably something stupid and I’m sorry if this makes me look stupid.

Edit: When I remove the /etc/init.d/openhab file, and I start openhab with, everything works fine (guess I assumed as much)

You probably need to add use “pi” to the system dialout group so it can talk to your controller. (I say “probably” because you have a Razberry and I don’t have one to test. If it was a z-stick, I’d say “absolutely definitely”)

sudo add user pi dialout

Thanks bob for the help, it turned out ‘pi’ was already a user for dialout.

The only way I get the devices to respond, is after I launch the runtime from my windows computer via putty.


If the runtime were ran on the actual pi itself and not via a putty network connection, maybe that would solve it right?

Edit: I’m just going to remote in with tightvnc, run the runtime on the Rpi, and just have it work that way.

Unless someone knows a way around this.

Thanks bob for the help, you’re the best :smile:

It migght or might not be but in some cases it mathers which group is the primary one of the user.

I.E It could be that the Z-Wave stuff expects that the users primary group is the one mentioned (system dialout), while openhab would work fine with the group used for openhab attached as 2nd group…

by default pi has: (cat /etc/passwd | grep pi)


where the group is: (cat /etc/group | grep 1000)


I hope that is clear enough and helps.