Changing Sitemap from Web Config (Paper UI)

I understand that there is some need to edit the configuration of openhab2 not only by text files but also by some Web UI. This is what the PaperUI tackles in a first approach.

From my experience the major pain of editing the config-files is not the text itselt. It’s merely the need of a separate special IDE that supports editing assistance and copying of files from the developer’s machine to/from the openhab server. That’s quite annoying for beginners.

What about making the config files editable from with the web UI? A simple text widget would not be so difficult to implement. Even the full-blow-feature set of the advanced Xtext editors could be bundled in the openhab web server, see

Since Xtext 2.9 they support web editing. This would be cool :slight_smile:

Afaik, HABmin already supports this, and it is planned to add it to OH2 soon.
Also, ESH will hopefully soon be upgraded to Xtext 2.9.1, so you can have a try to get an Xtext web editor working with that :slightly_smiling:

Any timeplan for the habmin availibility?

There was a working build pushed to the git repo 4 days ago. They’re currently doing tests and DB development before a full release. See [here] ( for his update.