Changing Wemo LED bulb

I needed to change a light bulb, a Wemo LED Light Bulb to be exact.
I was unsure of the procedure I should take in the various software systems that integrate with the light bulbs.

It is worth noting that the light bulb was one of three in a group.
I ended up removing all items and things in OH2 as well as deleting the device and replacing in the Wemo app.

I have managed to get my self into a position that if I delete all the “EntLight2” items and things then the auto-discovery add two new instances into my inbox to add as things.

There is only one of them and the LED bulb was removed from power and currently resides in a cupboard, so is not on the network to be discovered.

Firstly can someone advise how I get only the current functioning LED bulb to be discovered (I assume its cached somewhere).
Secondly what is the correct procedure to change a Wemo device, I am looking to change an insight switch to another location soon and therefore I will rename it accordingly and I am apprehensive that this may also cause issues.

I have attached a screen-shot image of my inbox with the two items of the same name discovered.

I have located a couple of typo’s that corrected a few minor issues with sitemaps not working correctly on other Wemo devices; but still stuck on what to do here.
Anyone got some advise?

It seems tha your WeMo bridge still knows about your removed LED, that’s why it is shown in your inbox.
To explain a bit more :
Discovery sends a “getEndDevices” request to the WeMo bridge and the result is parsed as Things in you inbox.
Your screenshot shows two LEDs with different serial numbers but identical Names.

So best way would be to remove your LED from the bridge using the Original WeMo App. But I cannot tell you how this should be done in detail.

I f you move a Device to another room and want to rename it, this has to be done within your Items and Sitemap definitions, as the Binding itself does not know about locations. Devices friendly names are shown in the UI, but not used in the binding for controlling.

Thanks for the response.
I have reset the wemo link multiple times, I have removed the LED from the Wemo app group and deleted the LED using the Wemo App.

each time upon rediscovery in OH2 I see two new LEDs as before. :slight_frown:
I have hidden one by selecting ignore for the time being.

Please read and try solution described in the WeMo community: