Changing Z-Wave Thing Configuration parameter is not working in main-ui

I’m using version 3.1.1 and have an issue with 2 Z-Wave devices from Devolo (Motion Sensor MT2647 and Door Window contact MT2648). Some configuration parameter are wrong, so that motion is always triggered and the window contact does not trigger anything.

When I change the parameter in the code window, they stay unchanged after saving.
In the thing window I have as an example for parameter 3 of the motion sensor (PIR Sensitivity) only a disable button (0) but no field to change the value (e.g. to 20, default is 80).

Is there a workaround to change the parameter?

Thanks for help

For battery powered devices you might need to press the “WakeUp” button to receive the new params, otherwise it can take some time until the device wakes up by itself and gets the new config values.

Hi Jens,

I tried this (there is an internal switch), but that changes nothing. If I change the value (sensitivity p3 to 12 from 80) in the code tab, main-ui does return “Thing updated”, but after a reload I still get the same value (80).

In the thing tab I have only a button to disable? That seems to work.

Is it possible to change the values in a jsondb or XML file?

I tried to change in
and in
but both values are reset automatically to 80

Enable zwave debugging (log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave) and look for your command’s response. Most likely the device doesn’t accept them, find out why (wrong param number or value, wrongly identified device, …).
Don’t poke around in *.xml unless you are fully aware what that does to the system.
And it won’t help because it’s just what the system extracts from the device.

Thanks Markus.
I wasn’t aware that I see the values stored in the device, but thought there is a database where the values are stored.
I found this thread:
but can not change the values accordingly.

You cannot change the PIR sensitiviy because param #3 is Limited to Options:

Please read

create an account, ask @chris for write access and correct the wrong entries in the Z-Wave database, request a review, wait for approval, install latest Z-Wave snapshot.