Channel syntax differences

I noticed a difference in the channel syntax of a thing which is bound to a bridge wether it is created via PaperUI or via file.
Via PaperUi the syntax is:BindingName:ThingTypeID:ThingID:Channel

The same for a file created thing: BindingName:ThingTypeID:BridgeID:ThingID:Channel

Is this intended?
Shouldn’t that be noted somewhere in the docs? (I didn’t find it so far.)

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I think that I have seen this also (for example with the KNXv2 Binding)

can you post some more examples? I will check also on my side on a test system the same with KNX

I have checked that for the Tankerkoenig and the new MQTT Binding.
It is easily reproduced by creating things via file and via PaperUI, the required channel is always shown on PaperUI.

Additional findings as pointed out by @yozik04 on this Github Thread,
the above mentioned different syntax can only be found if the device thing is created with the syntax

Thing topic mything

if created with

Thing mqtt:topic:mything 

the channel syntax is the same as if all are created via PaperUI.

I am sort of lost in the middle!:thinking:

What will happen in case more then one broker is used? I do not see how the used broker is determined if the later syntax is used!

I think there should be only one valid format that would produce same results as via Paper UI. If there will be many formats that would lead to bugs and misunderstandings. I’ve spent quite a lot of time to figure out why events were not triggering or my items did not appear on Paper UI.

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Thing <binding_id>:<type_id>:<thing_id> "Label" @ "Location" [ <parameters> ]

In my opinion this only should be considered as a valid format.

I do share your opinion!

I have closed the PR for the MQTT binding ReadMe. The ReadMe has been changed otherwise.
However I think the topic of the different syntax howto define a thing in a things-file (with or without “:”) should be discussed about. I’m not sure on which part of the openhab or eclipse github that should take place!