Charge e-car with solar surplus - how to integrate Huawei/FusionSolar and go-e?


We recently had our solar plant extended with additional solar modules, a new Huawei inverter (Sun2000-10KTL-M1), a Huawei smart power sensor (DTSU666-H100A) and a Huawei battery (LUNA2000), integrated with the FusionSolar app.

Also I have a go-e charger for our electric cars (Gemini 11KW) with an go-e Controller.

Before the extension with the battery, the charging with solar surplus worked fine. The go-e Controller and Charger started the charging process once there was surplus, adjusted the charge level as needed and also stopped the charging if there was not enough surplus anymore.

Now with the battery this does not work anymore. Starting the charging and increasing the charge level still works, but when the PV surplus drops, the Huawei battery starts supplying instead of the go-e Charger reducing the charge level.

Unfortunately it seems the go-e devices cannot talk to the Huawei devices, therefore they do not realize that PV surplus has dropped and power is coming from the battery instead.

Now I am looking for options on how to solve that.

The only thing I can think of right now is get the data from either the Huawei inverter, power sensor or from FusionSolar and program some logic in openHAB controlling the go-e charger. However there are no bindings for the Huawei devices, only some threads describing how the data could be obtained via Modbus.

Before going down that route, I wanted to ask if anyone can think of another, easier solution that I am missing?

I had a fully working charging system set up for myself in OH but the maintenance was too much for me so i switched to EVCC. it has an OH connection to start / stop manually as well.

You can try it for free but it is well worth the one time fee for the license as well!

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The Tutorial and Solutions category is a place to post working examples. Not a place to request them. I’ve moved this to a more appropriate category.

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Thanks again for pointing me to EVCC, it looks very promising. I now installed it in a Docker container on my Synology, next to openHAB. My Huawei inverter/sensors, the go-e wallbox and even the VW ID.4 and ID.Buzz integrated smoothly. Will test it now for a while, but I agree, if it works as expected it is well worth the one-time fee for the license.

And the EVCC binding in openHAB looks quite good as well, I can imagine it being useful for additional visualization or reading of measurement data and controlling openHAB items.

The only issue I see right now is that EVCC does not have any access control or cloud access. If I want to be able to access the UI remotely from my mobile phone some kind of VPN is required.

+1 for evcc. You can also access evcc functions via REST API, which makes it easy to integrate with OH.
I for one tell evcc how to charge (you can set the charge mode, target SoC of the EV and basically everything you need). So basically evcc is just another “device”, which I can control via openHAB.

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