Charging openHAB with OCPP

OHHH I’ll check that for sure. I just received information that my home charger is now OCPP compatible for residential (it was only for commercial). This service will be able to work with any ocpp compatible one so very nice. Thanks!

If I read well, GitHub - mobilityhouse/ocpp: Python implementation of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). is just the python script to communicate with it, not the ocpp-mqtt service right?

Would starting from the HomeAssistant integration help?

I found this. I know it’s python and not java but maybe it can help? If I understood how bindings work in openhab, I would try. I learn java in 2000 and with some time I’ll be able to understand python

Yes, this code implements ocpp calls, so I added mqtt part and specific calls, to make it work with openHAB

Oh, is there a place I can see how to do that? I have no clue how all of this work. I was looking to implement EVCC in one instance to make it work but since I don’t have a pv or battery, it’s useless for me

I posted my code here:

It implements stop, start and current limiting for automatization purposes (as well reading and setting CP configuration).

OH wow that’s perfect, I’ll check on how to use that. Thank you!

Edit: I’ll try to create a docker with all of that. On unraid, it’s nice to have stuff in docker. Never created one so I have some learning to do

I have a Wallbox Pulsar Plus EVSE arriving soon and have built an OCPP-MQTT bridge in Node-Red. I will be iterating a bit on it in the coming weeks and would be happy to share the Node-Red content if useful for anyone.

I would also be happy to provide any input I can to assist the OCPP binding development effort.