Chart display reacts strange

i am experiencing a strange behavior of the Chart item in basic UI.
I realized the first chart with the Temperature from a Sonoff TH16 flashed with Tasmota.
Everything is running fine.
I added another chart from a Sonoff POW R2 Tasmota flashed. Runs too.
After adding a third chart from another POW R2 Tasmota flashed, the third chart shows a strange behaviour…
This is my Code:

Frame label=“Temp Verlauf Pool” {
Switch item=CHART_PERIOD label=“Zeitspanne” mappings=[0=“Stunde”, 1=“Tag”, 2=“Woche”, 3=“Monat”, 4=“Jahr”]
Chart item=TH16_Temp period=h refresh=300 visibility=[CHART_PERIOD==0, CHART_PERIOD==“Uninitialized”]
Chart item=TH16_Temp period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[CHART_PERIOD==1]
Chart item=TH16_Temp period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_PERIOD==2]
Chart item=TH16_Temp period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_PERIOD==3]
Chart item=TH16_Temp period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_PERIOD==4]


Frame label="Verbrauch Verlauf Waschmaschine" {
    Switch item=CHART_WM label="Zeitspanne1" mappings=[0="Stunde", 1="Tag", 2="Woche", 3="Monat", 4="Jahr"]
    Chart item=POWR2_1_Power period=h refresh=300 visibility=[CHART_WM==0, CHART_WM=="Uninitialized"]
    Chart item=POWR2_1_Power period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[CHART_WM==1]
    Chart item=POWR2_1_Power period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_WM==2]
    Chart item=POWR2_1_Power period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_WM==3]
    Chart item=POWR2_1_Power period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_WM==4]


Frame label="Verbrauch Verlauf Trockner" {
    Switch item=CHART_TR label="Zeitspanne2" mappings=[0="Stunde", 1="Tag", 2="Woche", 3="Monat", 4="Jahr"]
    Chart item=POWR2_2_Power period=h refresh=300 visibility=[CHART_TR==0, CHART_TR=="Uninitialized"]
    Chart item=POWR2_2_Power period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[CHART_TR==1]
    Chart item=POWR2_2_Power period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_TR==2]
    Chart item=POWR2_2_Power period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_TR==3]
    Chart item=POWR2_2_Power period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[CHART_TR==4]


This is the picture it gives:

What really disturbes me is that the third chart shows five pics and when i change the name from CHART_TR to CHART_WM or CHART_PERIOD like one of the other 2 it gives the right display with the buttons and only one pic…
The items CHART_WM and CHART_TR are identicall, just the names differ…
I can change CHART_TR to anything and it wont work. Changing it back to one of the other 2 it displays normally.
The only thing that is different is that CHART_TR does not have any data yet. Could it be the missing data?

Any ideas?

What are the item-types of all the “CHART_XX” items?


Number with the Type.

AHH HAHAHA The item doesnt exist… CHART_TR and Chart_TR… thnx…
Sometimes you just need to explain your logic to someone and youll find the answer yourself :slight_smile:
I checked the items 3 times to be the same, didnt see the Caps Difference…

The item to select the charts should be a plain Number! Any UoM (Unit of Measurement) is not needed.

Ok, i will change that.
Thnx for your help.