Chart display temperature values in exponentional format

Hi all, I have use chart to dispaly temperature value. Everyting works well under Ubuntu, but wher I moved my configuration into Windows 10 installation, the charts start dispaling a temperature value in ecponentional format, like it demonstarted in attached pictures. Anybody can help me with adivice?

Since there is nothing in core OpenHAB in ANY version that produces charts, we are unable to help further except to say the Paper UI should only be used for administering OpenHAB. The Basic UI is recommended although some use HABPanel.

Not strictly true. And the screenshots shown are of BasicUI using the built in charts. See

@aarefiev, that is very unusual behavior. Sadly I’m not sure which repo hosts the charting servlet. I’m going to guess core. All I can recommend is to look at the settings under Configuration -> System -> Regional Settings and make sure they are reasonable and if so file an issue. See How to file an Issue.

I stand corrected.
That’s not too intuitive, though. I would have expected it to be an Item, not in sitemaps.
I saw orange & thought Paper UI. I missed the fact it is a phone screenshot.
OpenHAB & phone app versions could both impact how it is displayed, I would think.

Why? A Chart is a UI element. It’s not a state. It is a picture created using the historical data for one or more Items stored in persistence. I can’t think of a single way that would be representable or usable as an Item.

I doubt the phone app has anything to do with it. By the time the chart gets to the phone, it’s just a picture. The thing creating the picture is where the problem resides and that’s the charting servlet.

Thank you for the quic feedback and sorry, for the short post.
I have use OH 2.4 installed under Ubuntu 19 and Win 10.
Under Ubuntu evrething works well. Under Win 10 whthin the same configuration I got the problem with chart.
As presisrent storage.I have use rrd4j.
I posed the picture from mobile apps but I have the same picture in BasicUI. I hope that problem related with regional settings, i am from Russia. But when I am changed the regional setting in Windows and OH2 it dosen’t helped me. I am looking for the same problem on the community and git and didn’t found the same issues. I am correct to understend that the best way it is to post this issue on githab?

Yes, I believe filing an issue is the next step. Something weird is going on with the numbers and the chart servlet is the only place I know of where the problem could be,