Chart from OH1 doesn't seem to be working on OH2, rrd4j data

I had a chart in my OH1 sitemap that just shows the on/off trend of a single z-wave switch using rrd4j persistence. I think I have the persistence setup properly (copied the .persist file from OH1, put the appropriate lines from the .cfg into rrd4j.cfg in /services/, and the (item).rrd file in /opt/openhab/userdata/persistence/ is getting updated), but the chart doesn’t show anything. I’m also not sure how else to confirm that the persistence is working in the first place.

Ok, this morning there’s a warning in the log:
2016-03-13 10:32:10.092 [WARN ] [thome.ui.internal.chart.ChartServlet] - Illegal argument in chart: Persistence service not found 'rrd4j6335794671904296'.

The call in the sitemap is
Chart item=CatFeeder5 period=d service="rrd4j" refresh=60000

Just for the case, someone else experiences the same problem:
Check on your admin panel if the persistence service for rrd4j is installed at all. At least for me, this was the solution.