Chart integration in Custom Widget ( every sec refresh and resize of chart ?)

Hi ,

i try to integrated the interactive chart. It works but it refresh every sec. and the size is changed every sec :frowning:

Have someone any idea ?

  <div class="graph">
   <div ng-init='Kueche_Temp={"name": "Test",
        "sizeX": 200,
        "sizeY": 200,
                 $$hashKey: "object:52",
        "item": "Kueche_HMDT_Heizen_MDT_Temperaturmesswert",
        "row": 1,
        "col": 1,
        "period": "12h",
        "charttype": "interactive",
        "axis": {
                 	"y":{ },  
                  	"x":{ },  
        "series": [ {
                 "axis": "y",
                  "display_area": "true",
                  "display_line": "true",
                  "item": "Kueche_HMDT_Heizen_MDT_Temperaturmesswert",
                  "name": "Kueche_HMDT_Heizen_MDT_Temperaturmesswert"

It looks that every sec the height of the chart will be changed … in the vendor.js the setAttribute will be fired

I have the feeling that every event from openhab the height will be changed :frowning:

Did you find solution for that problem?