Chart is not shown in OH2

I’m using OH2 and trying to set a sitemap.
In HABmin Charts and Dashboard I can show charts without problem, but if I define a sitemap, then the charts are not shown.

The code:

	Frame label="Persistece Test temps" {
		Text item=inTemp
		Text item=outTemp
		Chart label="Temps" item=inTemp period=D refresh=600

The pictures:

Any idea?

Sitemaps are not used in Habmin. Sitemaps are for BasicUI, Classic UI, and the phone apps. I don’t think Habmin sorts the full range of what a sitemap can do.

In mobile app I have the same effect. Charts are not displayed.

It is not solved? I have the same problem

Increase the refresh frequency.
600 ms is too small.


I have the same problem, openhab 2.2