Chart Legend not showing

I have recently upgraded and updated openhabian via the config menu, but have the following bug:
Chart legends now not showing on IOS iphone6, and web interface. The legends exist in habpanel. Any ideas?



append legend=true to your chart line.

its new, ask me how i know

Your not serious!!
I have to edit all chart lines with something that was default before!
Anyway, I tried your suggestion, but not working. Eclipse shows an input error when entering i.e." no viable alternative at input ‘legend’ "

From the docs:

legend is used to show or to hide the chart legend. Valid values are true (always show the legend) and false (never show the legend). If this parameter is not set, the legend is hidden if there is only one chart series.

not sure who to contact, but maybe this information could be added to
in the sitemaps section.

file an issue here:

Or even better, you can submit a PR yourself with the change. Open:

Click on the little pencil icon in the upper right and make the changes. When you are done it will ask if you want to submit a PR.

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thanks, always been more of a lurker wondering what i could possibly contribute. start small…

The docs are a fantastic way to get started and they are in desperate need of help.

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I only play around with home automation as a hobby and its not my expertise so im not sure what yiu are saying. You havent answered my problem with the charts not displaying the legend after an update. Not from oh1 but just an apt-get update.

Ok, i have changed all chart lines to include legend. They appear in web based view but still not on ios openhab app. It seems to be ios handling of the charts in the some recent update of openhabian and asociated apps. Have any others had this problem. Very frustrating.

I got the same issue with no visible legends in IOS App, works in Basic UI.
Any update on this?

Hi Jan,
I haven’t seen any update or fix. Nobody seems interested. Perhaps no-one else uses an iphone for the mobile app.:wink: would be interested in a fix. Its embarrassing when I show people the app with no legends on the charts. I try to skip over that bit.