Chart not showing all data


Platform information:
Hardware: RPi4
. IoBroker:
. . History-Adapter
. . Vis
. . . HabPanel

Issue of the topic:

I am logging my electricity meter and my solar system with the history adapter.
I am visualising both with the chart widget. The problem is that it is not displaying all data of the electricity meter correctly.
In the screenshots you can see how it’s not updating the data for two graphs (dark ones)
I haven’t figured out why it’s doing what it’s doing… when I extend the time to a week it’s even more weird.
E-Charts is using the same data points and is working fine. (light one)

Anyone have a suggestion?

Sorry I am not allowed to insert more than one picture in my first post.

Same problem here. Pi 2B with ioBroker, influxDB, HABpanel 0.5.0.

Can this widget be fixed, please? Both ioBroker and HABpanel read the same data source from InfluxDB

EDIT: thought, that this problem starts in the moment that you have a look on the diagram from the mobile phone - turned out to be not true

It’s a riddle. I added a second data source of the influx-DB for a different PV-system. This line is shown perfectly normal

While looking for differences, I found that for the faulty diagram the data source changes. I think this is so, because I don’t store data immediately in the InfluxDB, but I let the system gather some data and write it later as a bundle of data (to protect the SD-card).
So the data source is for a while system.adapter.mqtt.0 and changes later to mqtt.0.
Could this be a reason?

EDIT: No, this behaviour shows also during times, when the diagram is ok. So it can’t be the reason.

Currently I have no idea how to nail down the reason of the problem. Who can help?

Sind @MBM1982 und ich denn die einzigen, die dieses Problem haben? Oder verwendet niemand sonst das Diagramm Plugin von HABpanel?
Beides fällt mir schwer zu glauben.

Obviously no one can help (or nobody cares about it).
So, let’s skip OpenHAB and head on to a different visualisation. Bye