Chart of on-/offline times

Using the network binding I see when a device is online and offline. I’d like to get an overview of these times which should look somewhat like that::

(How) can this be done?
Maybe with a heatmap? I’ve never used them before and when I tried it, it didn’t work out at all …

I’ve been wanting to add this, but didn’t get around to. It needs to introduce a custom chart type since ECharts doesn’t have a pre-made one.

Need some time investment, but it’s possible: see the “Profile” & “Gantt Chart for airport flights” in Examples - Apache ECharts

Yes, the airport example is quite what I mean. However, looking at the code and considering that I just started with OH and am not familiar with Javascript and the like, it’s probably too difficult for me to adapt the example. Wouldn’t even know where to start :wink:
But if you’d get around to implementing something like this one of these months, I’d be great!