Chart: offset does not work

I store the consumption in a variable that is updated monthly. So the variable has the previous month’s consumption for a month.
E.g. I have now in June the consumption of May.
I would like to display this in a bar chart.
But I don’t get the value to the correct month, even though I set the offset of 1 month in the series settings:

value is ignored. also with 2 or 3 the graphic looks the same.

the bar from June should be set to May:

Can someone help me with this?
I have already searched or tried all settings.
Thanks in advance.

offset doesn’t modify the data in any way. Changing it won’t change that fact that data your May data has a June timestamp. The chart is always just going to plot the data with the associated timestamp from the persistence service.

All the offset does is determine what range of data to access from the persistence service. Since it looks like you’ve fixed your axes as Jan-Dec, I suspect that setting the offset to anything less than 12 months won’t change the output at all.

Thank you. I guess I didn’t understand the offset quite right.
Then I have to save my consumption on the last day of the month so that the allocation is correct.

Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to set this up in a meaningful way?
I would like to display a monthly history of my electricity consumption. However, I can only save the correct consumption after the end of the month.

So just before midnight of the last day of the month save the value and shortly after midnight set it back to 0? Do I get a correct representation with it?