Chart with Aggregate serie doesn't show the right value


I’m beginner with openHab 3.2, I’ve configured a simple chart with 1 Aggregate serie.
I’ve used “Maximum” as Aggregate Function, it seems OK! but some displayed value are not correct.
The serie I use is my inverter power production of the day, this value comes as MQTT data.
The ruw data value is correct and doesn’t show any spike or unconsistances value.
I try to understand where this problem could come from.
In the picture below, in blue, this is my ruw value trend by day
In orange, it’s my expected visualization off this serie in my chart by day of the month

So, in my current example, I don’t understand why I don’t get the same value “2980W” in my chart with Aggregate serie? Where actually I get “3280,667W” for today power production.
Is this problem come from the chosen Aggregate function ?

Somebody could help me ?

In my reflexion about this problem, I discovered that the function used “Aggregate Function - Maximum” didn’t take care of the time base of the chart.
My question is : did this function “Aggregate Function - Maximum” stop checking for a maximum value in my serie exactly at 00h00 (because my chart has a day (time base) ?
Because my serie always begin the day with “0” as value. Until the power production of the day begin (around 8h30 at this period). And this morning I found a value of 2784,333W at 7h30.
So now I decided to use “Aggregate Function - Latest”, and values are correct.
I just have to change the reset time of this counter, actually each day at 23h59 => to 00h05 for example.
let see if it works like expected…