Chart with Habpanel and rr4dj

I am trying to configure a chart to display the future temperatures where I live using the 5h forecast of the fmiweather binding. I got an item showing this temperature, and tried setting up peresistence using rr4dj. If I got the documentation correctly, I just need to enter the item and the strategy into the rr4dj.persist file, and it should start logging it.
However, I selected the item (the 5h forecast temp) in the Habpanel chart, but there is no data getting shown. Am I missing on some step? Is there another item I need to select?
this is my .persist file:

   everyMinute  : "0 * * * * ?"
   everyHour    : "0 0 * * * ?"
   everyDay     : "0 0 0 * * ?"
   default = everyChange

         VorhersageTemperatur_5h : strategy = everyMinute, everyChage, restoreOnStartup

PS: I get nothing in the logs considering rr4dj, so I assume it is working. It just tells me the .peresist file has been updated when I change sth.

Is the rrd4j persistence service installed?
Do you have the .rrd file under var/lib/openhab2/persistence/rrd4j ?

Both yes
should the .rrd file be human readable?
because if I cat it, it is just partly human readable

No, you can’t read it directly. Use the REST Api to check the values in this database.
I’d check with a basic sitemap containing a chart first (that is not that difficult).

What are the complete settings you used for displaying the chart in HABPanel?

I seem to have gotten something on my ipad, but it uses the same configuration as the laptop, I am just trying to get a simple panel to work.
I am using the n3-interactive-line chart. The “persistenzdienst” is set to rrd4j. “Zeitraum” to 12h. Axsis min to -20, max to 40. Ticks to 1. I chose a green as a line color and activated points area, etc.
also I activated live update, and the continue other data options. And of course, I selected the correct item.

As in you have a somewhat functioning chart on this tablet?

not any more since I hit refresh. Could it be, that I just need to let it sit for a while?
I have been trying for a couple of hours, but there is nothing on any monitor right now.

I have not selected anything on the tab about min/max and ticks. Did you select the item as series on the third tab?

Yes, I did, and it seems that the panel indeed is making the graph, but it needs to sit there for a while. Is this expected?
I assumed it would just take the data from the last 12h and output it into the graph. Also I miss the numbers on the axis, but this seems to be a cosmetic change to be done in the future.

For me ( being on the local lan) it takes a second and then the whole chart is displayed.

Okay, so I observed the behaviour some more:
If it sits there, it starts to take data points. It will slowly start displaying them on the line. But the first entry displayed is always the one from when I loaded the panel. It does not display any points from before I loaded the panel.

That’s how my chart for the last 24 houres shows.
Are you restarting the persistence service somehow all the time?
Again, try it with the more basic charts on a sitemap first.

I am at least not doing so on purpose. I now created a chart in a sitemap, with the following parameters:

Chart item=VorhersageTemperatur_5h period=8h refresh=300

It just does not show anything either.
Could you maybe let me know a configuration you have known working?
Additionaly, the minimum config would be to have the everyMinute strategy active, wouldn’t it?

It seems, that the issue is, that the persistence service is not working correctly. I used the REST API to try and get the available items of the persistance service. I only have rrd4j installed, and it does not give me any available items with persistance.
However: Now it works… I get data into the charts just as I wanted to. I don’t know why, but it seems solved.

Out of the sudden sounds odd!
My setup should be essentialy as yours.
How did you check with the REST API? If I remember correctly the call for all items that use a specific persistence service does not work.
You need to do thecall that takes the persistence service and the item name. Note you get a return that covers the last 24h unless you give a start and end time.

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