Charts in Sitemap hierarchy

is it possible to show a chart in the chart view in an hierarchy like this:
Floor1 - Room1 - Sensor1, Switch1,…

I want to navigate to e.g. Sensor1 and see a few labels and charts?


Yes, by using frames. I do something similar with my heater.

Climate Control > Main Floor Ambient Temp > Main Floor Humidity > Chart

On the main page of the sitemap there is Climate Control which lists one item: Main Floor Ambient Temp. Clicking on that shows the rest of the climate control info including the current humidity. Clicking on that shows the chart.

Frame label="Climate Control" {
    Text item= N_V_NestCurrTemp {
        Frame {
            // other stuff
            Text item=N_V_Humidity {
                Frame {
                    Image url="url to chart if using rrd4j charting"

okay. I’ll try it.

Just to thank you for that post - I hadn’t appreciated you could create text items which click through in this way.