Charts not being refreshed?

I am experimenting with HABpanel and made a dashboard. I realised that my RRD4j chart seem to get stuck and not refreshed, even though my other tiles are. Just reloading the page seem to bring the RRd4J chart up to latest?
Am I missing something?


Yes, that’s a known limitation - image charts don’t refresh automatically at the moment.


I am new to this forum (and forums in general) so I am not sure if I should continue here or start a new topic (and if so where). I am new to openHAB as well.

I am having an issue with the (whole) habpanel not updating unless I push the refresh button in general. I am trying it on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari… from a PC, Nexus and iPhone 6. I placed a couple of WeMo switches (and buttons) on the panel using “alternate between two states” as well as single state commands, and then command them to “ON” for example and I can hear/ see the switch hardware turn on… but the GUI switch/ button on the panel does not show the active state until I push the refresh button. Are the buttons supposed to be updating? I would assume I do not have to add code to make this work.

As a general note, I am trying to use this as a “User” not a developer. Thus one thing I found hard at first was to determine what value to place in the widgets (entry boxes) where there was no selection available. ie; for my WeMo it turned out to be ON and OFF for the commanded state, but at first I tried On, Off, True, False, etc. Where would I find this information?

A third question: I read the documentation for the bindings, but I cannot determine if the weMo switch reports a state or not, but the GUI does update when I select refresh on the panel. I am uncertain if openHAB makes a distinction between the command and the reported state. i.e.; in the WeMo binding I did not see a reported state I could link too, and it seemed the “state” in the binding is for the command. How can I determine if a report is coming directly from the device, or if the software is just reflecting the command back to me as the report? Maybe the WeMo device is TCP and guarantees this command happens, but is this the same for other devices? I do not want to think something is on or off when it is really not.

thanks for any information to help me make the software work and to understand how the software works.

Update: I reinstalled the software in trying to get the InsteonPLM binding to work, without adding my items or sitemap back… installed the WeMo binding/ switch again, and the WeMo just showed up. Exciting! I do not see this device/ channel in an items or sitemap file… is there a way to edit this?? then I linked it to my habpanel widgets that were still there, and it works as expected. So now I do not understand why the one I created in the sitemap does not work/ update, but the automatically created one works as expected.

I am actually seeing that the state is maintained on the browser where I initiated the switching.
However if I go into another browser, I would not see the same state…
Does one need to add additional logic?


I have read numerous other posts, and the “Basic UI” and 'habpanel" are supposed to live update without any code changes or additional code once you setup your widgets in the interface. From my reading, people are indicating that the “live updates” do not work while making the changes in the editor and then running the panel… they are indicating you have to restart your whole “openHAB service.” Basically stop the application and then restart it with the new configuration, once I did this it seems to work better. Some of my things update live with the report now, but some still don’t unless I refresh them.

Good @iTerry, I will try this out. I am using a Lenovo Tab3 and using Habpanel. I am changing too many things still, but I will give Your advice a try.