Charts not displaying at refresh interval

After installing build 929, my charts no longer refresh at the refresh interval defined in my sitemap.

The charts load fine the first time when loading the page, and if I manually refresh the page. But, at the refresh interval defined in the sitemap, the charts don’t render, and all I get is a broken image. Like this:

When the chart first loads, I see this in the chrome console.

Then after the first refresh I see this.

Anyone else running into this?

@Lolodomo As you have been working on these things lately, do you have any input here?

Adding a little more info here…

I have a system running build 917, and it doesn’t exhibit this behavior. It doesn’t look like the chart is refreshing at all in this build. I think that build was made around May 13.

Therefore, wondering if this PR might be causing it.

This ESH fix looks like it was pulled into the OH2 distro around May 23.

And, just for completeness, here’s what’s in my sitemap.

                    Frame {
                        Chart item=Sensor_CPUTemp period=2W refresh=10000 service="mysql"

Very likely to be the cause. Best if you could enter an issue at ESH for further tracking & fixing!