Cheap devices compatible with openhab

I need cheap and reliable devices that i can control with openhab
2. ceiling fan speed control
3. Light dimmer and RGB led
4. door/window sensor
5. Motion sensor
6.window blind
8. door lock
9. Sockets
can u suggest or recommend some cheap devices because i’m actually building a prototype for a project and i dont have enough finance to buy expensive ones.
thanks alot.

If cheap is you #1 priority you will probably need to go with DIY Arduino or ESP8266 microcontrollers and relays. Otherwise you are looking at $25-$50 a device plus the cost of a hub/controller.

ESP8266 with esp-open-rtos and MQTT client is cheap, but will require some work to get up and running. I made a board with ESP8266, sd card slot (for configuration) and a linear regulator for one of devices, at the count of 10 each device costs about $7.

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