Cheap IP camera / binding / connection question

Hi all,

I’ve been trawling through the community to find some answers and as soon as I find an answer it leads to another question…

So, the premise…

I currently have a few Arlo cameras dotted around and use IFTTT via webhooks to alert OH of any movement and also arm / disarm the cameras based on OH presence detection…all good.

Recently IFTTT has changed their business model so you now have to pay monthly if you want more than 3 applets, so - unless I start paying them - it means I’m stuck with 2 cameras and 1 arm / disarm applet.

So, my options are, bite the bullet, pay IFTTT and get more Arlo cameras, (I have been happy with them to date), or keep what I have for external security / alerts, and get some cheaper cameras for inside that work with OH for alerts / viewing. I have a nas so network cameras can record to there, or I’m happy with a cheap one running an sd card as I’m only interested in getting the footage if there is an issue.

I’ve found some cheap TP-Link cameras, (I have their excellent smart plugs around the house all controlled by OH), for £24 each, SD card storage and IP based…however searching the forum suggests that they aren’t easy / possible to integrate.

So, either (a) does someone know different or (b) can anyone recommend a decent cheap camera and binding to use instead???

Thanks in advance.

Read this post as you want a ONVIF camera if you want to be able
To move it

Thanks, I originally read that thread but started at the latest post and worked back…I’ve just realised that all the info I need is on the very first post…doh

That link is found in the main documentation which should be your first stop for the most up to date and info. Forums hold outdated info.

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