Cheap Wlan camera with ONVIF and PTZ


I’m currently testing some of the chinese firecrackers as a “surveillance camera”. My requisition:

  • WLAN
  • PTZ
  • IR
  • Affordable

I have a Shinobi installation where I want to integrate and control the camera. Currently I am testing the TP-Link Tapo C200. I am satisfied with this one, but it can not do PTZ. This only works with the Tado app, which I don’t want to use.

What is the camera needed for?

We have an old house, which once had a flat roof. About 10 years ago, the old flat roof was simply put on a hipped roof because it was leaking. Now I hear very loud noises up there from time to time and I want to know what it is and in the best case identify where it comes from.

I would be happy if you could simply recommend something to me :slight_smile:

For PTZ moveable cameras look at Amcrest if in USA or Instar if
In Europe to keep their clouds close to you if u ever want to use them, but they work great without any cloud and work fully locally. Also Dahua is found world wide and they are good and have smart alarm features.
Hikvision should work great as well but they don’t make as many PTZ models to choose from.

Issue is you need a brand that fixes bugs in their firmware and has good onvif support so that rules out a lot of the Chinese cheap cameras that have no customer support or download pages to source a new firmware from.