I need to choice a solution. But which one between openhab, domotiz, Jeedom, etc ?
Thanks for your advice.

I can’t answer this without having the knowledge of all platforms.
But what I can say, that I managed to get all of my devices controlled (Echo, LEDs, Color Bulbs, Vacuumrobot, PC, TV, about 15 Sensors, my 3D Printer, heatingthermostates) pretty good and there’s something for everyone.
OpenHAB provides so much if you’re a SW developer (programming in Jython, develope own Bindings, use GitHub Repos/Bindings from the Community) but also if you’re one without having very great knowledge about IT stuff.
I’m very happy with OpenHAB and I really love spending hours to programm, configure and controll all my devices.
OpenHAB is really a fantastic home automation platform, which will sure fit all your needs.

Is Openhab stable and cloud free build for the future ?

here are some problems sometimes, but keep in mind that this is a opensource project which provides so many functionalites.
But the core features are really realiable
There are alot of people working on it, so it’s getting better and bigger by the time

Cloud free? of course, that’s one of the things why we all programm our own smarthome hehe
But there is a OpenHAB cloud, which you can connect to controll all your devices outside of your network

are esp8266 and esp32 manageable ?


Hmmm, ask which product OH users prefer to use on an OH forum. Do you really expect any answer beyond openHAB?

It’s pretty stable, though as with any open source product there are some parts that are more stable than others. Most users have a very stable and well running system. And there is lots of support on this forum.

OH has an optional Cloud, distributes it’s cloud server software so you can set up your own instance of the cloud on your own servers, or you can forego the use of any cloud. However, if you need remote access, unless you really know what you are doing (i.e. you do IT security for a living) I strongly recommend against doing anything that requires you to expose your LAN to the internet.

Also note that use of OH’s cloud servers is required for integration with IFTTT, and it is by far the easiest method to get integration with Google Assistant or Alexa. It is possible to integrate the latter two with your own personal instance of the cloud servers but that takes a lot of steps.

OH is undergoing continued development and continues to grow in both number of technologies and APIs it supports and internal features. I believe it will be around for a long time.

Depends on how you want to interact with them. Most users install Tasmota, ESP Easy or similar firmware and use MQTT to integrate with OH.

There is work afoot to support the Homie MQTT standard which we are hoping gets integrated in these firmwares which will allow for automatic discovery in OH, dropping the configuration to use these to almost zero effort.

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