Choosing a Framework for arduino sensor net

I recently got OpenHAB setup with WOL buttons, some network health items to tell if computers are on, and weather temperature chart from wunderground. But now I need to branch out to my arduino and the sensors/controls I have envisioned for my home.
I plan to set up each node with some kind of wireless transceiver 433/900/2.4 for communication. But that’s a separate question for a later post.

What is the best, easy, and most flexible frameworks to do this?
Almost every idea I thought of needs a central Ethernet arduino gateway to communicate with openhab.

  1. The Souliss framework I heard about a long time ago.
    has a openhab binding
    Looks like a steep learning curve.

2)MySensors. I just stumbled upon this site.
Looks child like easy. Not sure how configurable it is.
Has MQTT/Serial openhab integration. But i’m not sure how extensive.

  1. Build my own net
    Each node sends a string or struct data to the gateway and the gateways forwards that to openhab.
    To send commands to a node, the gateway would broadcast and the nodes would parse the node-id to see if that packet belongs to itself.
    However I dont want to reinvent a wheel that many other’s have already made with more advanced, robust features.

  2. Other ways.

I want to ask before I spend scores of hours on a platform method when there’s a better way.
Thank you in advance.

I’d go the MySensors route… It’s been rock solid for my window sensors and temp/humidity sensors for over a year now using MQTT to get the data into OpenHAB.

I’m finding controlling relays and a pulse power meter a little more tricky but that’s due to my shortcomings I’m sure…

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Am I weird that I don’t use a framework at all? Should I be? I have 5 Arduino’s basically just sending data to an mqtt that runs on the machine that openHAB runs on. So I guess my framework is mqtt?

Am I missing something that a framework brings to the table?

Ill have have to look into mysensors more then. How does mysensors work with wireless trancievers? With souliss that capatablity is built in, esspesially for the nRF23L01 transiever – which is one of the radios i’m thinking of using for my sensor nodes.
(Update: yes it uses the nRF23L01. source)

Are you getting the commands to your client node but having issues with implementing those commands? Or they just getting lost in the void somewhere?

Well if you’re all set up and working not really. If you’re thinking about expanding then maybe. I only have an introductory level of understanding for these two systems, but basically you can set up whats almost equivalent as an arduino network. You can setup each node to repeat the packet to other nodes that are farther away. Also each node would have their own ID given to them. More dynamic.
It can also think of it as doing all the heavy lifting in code for you so you don’t have to deal with inter-arduino communications yourself.

I’m just curious which one to use since either road may be a long windy road to the finish line.

I’ve chosen Xbee + arduino way. (:yum:)

Developed a little framework based on Ada Sensor (I liked it because it is more practicle and flexible approach for sensors)

Xbee S2 because they are reliable and robust in wireless communication. Each Xbee can be addressed easily. So from server I simply send a json e.g. {"SW/1": 0, "SW/2": 1} to particular Xbee.

Each Arduino take JSON as input and process and respond. It makes my system a KISS.

I wish.
Xbee would work great. However I’m a poor college student and cant afford a ~$20 wireless module for every sensor node. Im already planning 4 or 5 nodes in the short term.

The nRF23L01 and 433 MHz module are around $3 each.
At the moment i’m thinking I can build the core node for around $5-$8 each, microcontroller + wireless + power.

As per cost, I agree. But it will save you from lots of issues. like connectivity, security, performance, power, node addressing. Also less work to do in microcontroller (which will ultimately save a lot of time)

I seem to be just struggling with the correct syntax to send MQTT messages back to the sensor to activate the relay… Other people are doing it with no issues so it’s just my inexperience :slight_smile:

Ah the joys of programming.I’ve been/am in similar boats.
If you can, try to print out the raw mqtt topic to serial. You might just have a parse error or misspelling.