Christmas is coming, how do you do it?

As the topic mostly says, how do you your Christmas things?

I just put a few small trees outside with leds in, and going to use openHab to control those.

To do the actual switching on and off, I took one of my old projects which use an ESP8266-01, and got the power supply it needs on board, along with a relay.

It might not be the smallest one, but I can’t get my own cases injection molded, so this is what I had to work with. And I don’t think it looks that bad either. :smiley:

I just use a couple of old analog outlet timers to turn everything on and off. This year the plug I use to control the lamp is closer to where the tree will go so I might use a plug replicator and use that to control the trees. For me it isn’t worth the expense to buy controllers just for the Christmas lights.

I only did mine this way, because I already had all the parts for it laying around. Originally these were designed as temperature loggers, and I added a place to put a relay too, just because there were so much room left, and then I could use them for more things… Like in this case. :smiley:

I use a similar work with ESP8266:

I had some 433Mhz sockets left so i created a wlan to 433Mhz bridge:
This bridge can receive my 433Mhz sensors with RFM12 and can send out commands for that 433Mhz sockets.


That is pretty cool! I was looking for sockets like that too, but havent been able to find any.

They are from a normal 433Mhz set (DIY store).
I have about 10 with Wlan and around 5 with 433Mhz for XMas and others jobs without feedback then.


Why didnt I think of that before?! :open_mouth:

It is genious! I can just take a set like this tear the 433mhz stuff out, and make my own with an esp8266 on… I want to have some feedback from them too, so I cant just hack the remote for them.

You can also use a CUL with the CUL binding to control most 433MHz devices, see [this link] ( (sorry, German only).

If you want switching feedback, you can use any other openHAB-controlled intermediate plug like a ZWave one or those of the MAX! series (if you have it for your thermostats).

I have a spare FGRGBWM Fibaro ZWave LED controller (50€) that allows to attach a 12 or 24V supply. It can control 4 LED strips (or one color strip plus another white one). Should work with any LED chain, and you can reuse it after christmas :slight_smile:

You can also take a look at . It can be attached using a plain USB port and does not need any drivers on linux level. Integration with Openhab is also simple. I use it to control pretty cheap Intertechno Switches and also my Roller Shutters.

Neat module, a bit expensive though. 109.75 €

I can have a lot of fun making my own for the price of that. :smiley: