Chromecast Next Track sendCommand

I discovered that the Chromecast binding doesn’t support sendCommand(NEXT)
to skip to the next track. I read about an approach of reading the track length and then scrubbing to the length - 1s. Or calling out to an external program like go-chromecast.

How have other’s solved jumping to the next track in their rules?

Following up to this, I wrote a rule to jump to trackDuration -1s. However could it be that the Chromecast binding’s CurrentPosition is a read only value?

Attempting this doesn’t have any results in the position of what’s playing.

openhab> openhab:send  ChromecastAudioStudyCurrentTime "1"
Command has been sent successfully.
openhab> openhab:update  ChromecastAudioStudyCurrentTime "1 s"
Update has been sent successfully.


2021-05-10 17:16:28.623 [DEBUG] [omecast.internal.ChromecastCommander] - Received command 1 s for unknown channel: chromecast:audio:cca-study:currentTime

But the item currentTime definitely exits and is updating with the current position.

A possible bug in the Chromecast binding?

Reference: chromecast.things & chromecast.items