[Chromecast] Turn ON/OFF TV

Hi all,
it is possible with OH2 emulate the command that Google Home send to chromecast to power on/off the TV


Also, is it possibile to send the command to play a video from netflix?

Install the Chromecast binding, create/discover your devices. Define items to link to your things and then either create some rule or sitemap to control your items state.

It’s been discussed a few times now about sending video directly to your Chromecast, have a search of the forum to see what details you can find.

Hi Maximo,
thx you, but i dont see the commands i search in the binding

no power on/power off command
no launch app command

where i wrong?

There won’t be a power ON command. You need to set your TV to enable CEC (or what ever your TV maker decided to call it). Then any time the Cromecast plays something it will turn on the TV and switch to that input.

Chromecasts don’t support apps; apps support Chromecast. You don’t open Netflix on the Chromecast. You open Netflix on one of your other devices then that Netflix app passes the stream uri to display to the Chromecast. So you need to figure out what the uri for the Netflix show you want to watch is and use the playuri Channel to cause the Chromecast to play the show.

I’ve no idea how/whether this is possible.

In the video above, Google Home is the device that is opening Netflix and passing the uri to the Chromecast. It can do this because Google Home is linked with the Netflix account and Google and Netflix have established a relationship and API to make this happen which openHAB and Netflix do not have.


ok thx u!

@blademckain Actually with google home, from the very beginning you’ve been able tell it to turn on the tv, and it’ll turn on the tv via HDMI CEC but wihtout setting the source to the chromecast channel, so for instance, if you were last watching regular tv or some bedia player, it’ll turn it on remaining there.

I’m also looking for this :slight_smile:

Did anyone figure out how to send on/off commands without a specific source to chromecast?

I’m also very interested …
Want to use it for my “Chromecast mit Google TV”.