Classic UI 1.8 RC

After I updated to 1.8 RC Classic UI does not load in browser, I just get loading…

Android App is working fine.


I have the same issue

I get an initial ClassicUI load of the sitemap home page, but clicking on any group to expand it does not work…

+1 I am getting a spinning wheel and “Loading” on the web ui…

It’s also failing for me. I see this in chrome’s console:

GET 404 (ProxyServlet: /%22https://

Logic.min.js:1 TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined
    at Slider.that.displayValue (
    at new Slider (
    at InitSlider (
    at InitForms (
    at ShowAsync (
    at __callback (
    at XMLHttpRequest.c (

Now I have updated to final 1.8 and I still have the problem.
Should I downgrade to 1.7.1?


I’ve just upgraded to 1.8 and have the same issue - page just sits at “Loading”. Happens with both Chrome and Safari.

Fixed: once I deleted the sliders in my sitemap, it worked for me.

You can have one, just not more then one. :wink:

Ok, the faulty case is that you have a Slider in the sitemap without a label that contains the value.
So: Slider item=DimmedLight label="Dimmer [%s]" should work, but Slider item=DimmedLight label="Dimmer" not.

I’m fixing that.

@sebastian, is it correct that the issue you are fixing in github is #2900?

Not directly, just quick fixing the 1.8 Slider. The PR in some minutes is for that.

2900 has to be fixed, later, too.