Classic UI not displaying icons


I’ve created a sitemap which is not displaying the icons properly in my browser. The html shows:

<img src="images/group.png" width="29" height="29" style="">

the group.png is not display, but it works in my iOS app.

I found the png file in the icons directory under <OH2_HOME>/runtime/icons and I created the <OH2_HOME>/runtime/images to try, but it didn’t help to solve the problem.

Any idea, why does it work in iOS but not in the browser? I’m using chrome.

Which version are you using? In the current snapshots, there is no runtime/icons folder anymore:

And the rendered HTML of the Classic UI looks like this:

<img src="../icon/cellar.png" width=29 height=29 />


Alpha2 version.

Try the latest snapshots, a lot has evolved since alpha 2.

I installed latest build, and found a delay when I push an option in the browser and the action to take place. I’m testing with my zwave devices. The delay is around 30 seconds.

Also, the switch worked fine, but not the light.

Where are now located the icons? I couldn’t find them.

The switch after the update worked fine in all UI (classicUI, paper UI and ios), but the light only works fine in ios and paperui.

The html code shows:

<img src="../icon/light?state=ON&amp;format=svg" width="29" height="29" class="iFull">


<img src="../icon/light?state=OFF&amp;format=svg" width="29" height="29" class="iFull">

Why isn’t it finding in classic ui?
Where are now the standard icons?
Is there any list of supported icons?


Hi, you can see all the icons here:

Regards, Christian

I had the same problem with the “door” and “frontdoor” icons, and I think I found the solution to that:
as you can see in the Github link above, there are only icons for “door-closed” and “door-open”. I had a look at working icons, i.e. “contact”. There is a “contact” icon as well, so in total it’s:

contact (.png and .svg)
contact-closed (.png and .svg)
contact-open (.png and .svg)

So I extracted the org.openhab.ui.iconset.classic.jar file, copied the door-closed.png to door.png and the door-closed.svg to door.svg
After that I added the new files to the JAR file:

jar uf …/org.openhab.ui.iconset.classic_2.0.0.201512041102.jar icons/door.*

I restarted openHAB2 and browsing to http://URL:8080/icon/door?state=OPEN&format=svg worked!

The “light” icon is missing, too, so if you just add it the way I did it will work!

So I guess someone just has to add all the missing icon files to the repository.

Regards, Christian

In my openHAB2 installation on Windows 7 no icons are displayed when i use the latest snapshot. I do not have that problem with the alpha 2 version. I tried to learn from the snapshot demo, but that also does not display icons here. I have read this thread, but do not understand what I should change since alpha 2. Can someone point me to a wiki or other document which describes it for a user/non-developer ?

Thanks Kai, for adapting Now I could add a folder classic in my icons folder and put all the openHAB1 icons in it. Most icons are now displayed as expected. I will check the other ones in the coming days.


For all Windows users: There was indeed a bug that no (standard) icons appeared at all in the UIs - this is now fixed with

In the fix above, I have added those fallback icons as well now, so no need to manually copy them anymore!

Folks, Looks like that the link showing all icons available is broken. Can you point me to a place where I can check all available icons?

Best Regards!

This link dont work .

Anyone can help how to find available icons for openhab2?
Thanks Zoli

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