Classic UI stale on back button

I have long wondered why, in the Classic UI on openHAB 1.7.*, that pressing the back button (upper left corner) takes me back to stale information, and the only way to see current information is to go back an extra level and then drill down again.

  1. Is this the common experience of other users who use the Classic UI
    on openHAB 1.7.*? If so, is there an issue in github concerning this?
  2. Would it not make sense to change this behavior so
    that every page transition in the Classic UI presents current

This is indeed the behavior of the Classic UI as it does not do a new request when moving one page up again.
Afair, this wasn’t too easy to change.
I am not sure if it makes sense to put much effort in here, since the Classic UI will soon be replaced by the Basic UI, which has a completely different way of retrieving updates.

Thanks for the explanation, Kai.