ClassicUI - Sitemap async poll timeout

I’ve been using Openhab for a couple of months now. One frustration has been the ClassicUI not updating (openhab 1.7.1).

Doing some debugging yesterday I finally have found out why. The async poll call for the sitemap fails, generates as JS error at which point the loaded sitemap fails to execute any further javascript (explaining why sliders stop working etc).



Which causes the following JS error (Firefox / Firebug) console output:

Invalid asynchronous response received.
__callback()Logic.min.js (line 1)
anonymous()Logic.min.js (line 1)


If I hit that URL directly it sometimes returns a proper sitemap response (explaining why occassionally data refreshes for a short period of time after a sitemap initial load), but a good 90% of the time I get the timeout XML response after about 18 seconds.

I’ve tried a fresh 1.7.1 install with just the demo sitemap/items/rules installed and see the same is (which occurs over multiple browsers - Firefox, Chrome, iOS Safari), so I don’t think it’s anything to do with my custom items / sitemap etc.

A quick search didn’t turn up any info on this. Has anyone run into this issue and know how to fix it. Curious to both if the javascript crashing on the response can be fixed, and also what might be causing the timeout in the first place?

I think this issue is caused by one of the internal libraries that OH 1.x uses. If it is the same error, a fix for this will not be forthcoming in OH 1 but a new library is being used in OH 2 and the problem should be fixed at that time.