Clear the inbox mass clear

openhab 2.5.11

How can one just delete hundreds of inbox items instead of one by one.
Trying to get the hue emulation binding to work wiht Alexa and it added ALL my items in there.
Doesn’t seem like tagging them works either to keep them out of the inbox.
Is there a way to delete the entire inbox in paper ui and not one by one?

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Thanks I’ll try the json.

It’s not the network binding though; it’s the HUE emulation binding that is doing it.
It doesn’t appear to “ignore” items tagged with “ignored” like it says it does or whatever other tags you configure it to ignore.
Uninstalling that binding doesn’t get rid of them either.
WIsh i could get it working right, but can’t seem to get that Hue emulation binding to work 2.5.11

Yes, but this should not matter. Clearing the json should help