Clearing ghost nodes

Something is wrong with my z-wave network. I have this from entry light that my kids keep resetting by turning it off an on again. Now I have a bunch of useless nodes for it that I cannot seem to remove. I try marking them as failed, and removing them from the controller, and but they just come back in the inbox. And now, I cannot seem to re-add this light. It keeps coming up as an unknown device. I’ve tried resetting it again and re-adding it (which gives me another useless node that I cannot remove), but it just keeps showing up as unknown device.

If you have an Aeotec z-Stick this works well. I don’t know if it works with other controllers.

SiLabs PC Controller on Windows is the standard software for this. It is part of their free spftware developer kit download.

Thanks. I finally just setup a virtual machine and installed this. It allowed me to remove my ghost nodes. But I’m still having serious problems with my network. That one light bulb will not communicate once it’s added.