Clever idea for whole home extended away

So I was thinking about going on vacation and basically turning off everything. There are several automated things that happen during the day based on light levels, time, temperature etc…
Short of adding an additional switch and if statement prior to everything that runs what sort of clever ideas are out there that would basically stop all these things from going?
I still want to leave openhab running and taking in temperatures and such but not interested in outputs…

An extra switch and if statements is all I can think of.

Extra switch and if statements is what I do, as well (VacationMode)…I also use a (ChristmasMode) switch, which modifies my exterior light schedule (and controls the holiday lights outside). I haven’t thought of anything better, but I’m subbing to the topic just in case :slight_smile:

I do the same kind of thing
I have the vacations in a google calendar as well so it happens automatically.

thanks guys.

calendar integration…nice !