Client Server

I am attempting to design my openHAB setup. I understand the interactions with devices and sensors, the question i can’t seem to find an answer to is the subject of clients and servers.

What I would like at the high level is a collection 3+ of touch screen interfaces. All of which have full access to the floorplans, sensors, events, and actions. A central openhab storing all captured information persistently (influx?)

What i can’t figure out, is which of the following is correct.

  1. one openhab server, with multiple web based clients connecting
  2. each interface running openhab and using MQTT behind them to synchronize
  3. option three, is i am misunderstanding the architecture, please correct me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for helping wrap my head around the basics.

It’s the first one. :slight_smile:

This setup should be easily accomplished with a RPI or small footprint PC that will act as your “SERVER” in your above scenario.

The “CLIENTS” could be your favorite tablet of choice with a web browser and pull HABpanel dashboards from the “SERVER” machine.

There is no reason for each CLIENT to use MQTT for sync as that all happens on the “SERVER” or OH installation.

Excellent. That is what i was hoping for. I found plenty of screenshots that implied it could all be web based, but couldn’t find anything that said explicitly, “connect from any number of web clients”