Climax SCM-5ZBS / Lupus Rollladenrelais V2

Hello everyone

First of all, thank you all for this great project, thank you Chris for the work on the ZigBee binding.

I managed to configure the ZigBee binding with an CC2531 dongle. I had some issue flashing the dongle as I didn’t order the connector board in the first step and with cc-tool as the verify step reported an error. I verified/flashed it on Windows with TI tools later, it seems the flashing with cc-tool actually was successful as the verification with the TI flasher showed no issue.
Anyway, I documented my insights in this PR if you want to include this to the documentation.

My next steps were integrating an RGB Osram light bulb and an rollershutter controller from Climax Technologies (SCM-5ZBS) which seems to be resold in Germany by Lupus Electronics (LUPUS - Rollladenrelais V2).
This rollershutter controller exposes a “dimmer”, so you can set a percentage of a defined time that seems to be stored within the controller. By default this is far too long (3 mins or so). According to a Lupus manual there might be a way to configure the time within the device to allow a more accurate control. I will try to get some information from the manufacturer/reseller. For now I use a Setpoint (for minor movement), and Switch (for all up/down).

I have one issue with both, the rollershutter controller and the light bulb. If I change a setting in the BasicUI, like changing the Switch, the requested channel gets fired and the action is performed as expected (e.g. light on, blinds down). However the Switch instantaneously switches back to the previous state, so it shows the wrong state. For the light bulb it gets corrected when the state is polled next time after some seconds. The state for the rollershutter controller is not corrected as there seems to be no polling.
Maybe this is also related to my OH server being somewhat slow (PiZero, connected through WiFi as the USB port is required for the CC2531, and also using I2C and software emulated serial port through GPIO).

Is there a setting where I can define how often a ZigBee device gets polled?
Is there a way how to modify the behaviour of the switches, i.e. waiting longer after it is changed?