Clock Channel for Remotec ZTS-110 Thermostat


My Remotec ZTS-110 has a bad habit of somehow getting it’s clock time wrong.
I solved this in Openhab 1.8 by defining an item like this

Switch Thermostat_Clock “” { zwave=“27:command=CLOCK” }

Each day at Dawn i did this


Not being any sort of expert at this stuff, I cannot comment on how that works except that it does work.

Now I’ve moved on to Openhab2 and I have configured the ZTS-100 as a thing, but there is no CLOCK channel. Can I add it manually?

How can i update the clock on the thermostat with OH2 please?


This device doesn’t seem to be in the database - I guess it probably has another name. Please provide the database link, and also your XML file that OH generates.

Hi Chris,
thanks for the response.
Habmin found it with a normal search as “ZTS-110 ZTS-110 Z Wave Thermostat”

ZTS-110 manual.pdf (997.9 KB)

I’m sorry I don’t know what “database link” means, and I have no idea where the XML file might be, :frowning:

thanks again,


That’s what you provided above (ie the link to the database entry).

It depends on your system, but somewhere there will be a userdata folder, and in there is a zwave folder which will contain an XML with the name of the node ID.

OK, thanks :slight_smile:
node27.xml (11.0 KB)
I notice the CLOCK is in the xml, I’m not sure what that means but it seems interesting !


I’ve update the database. I’ll try and do a binding update today some time. You will need to delete, and add back the thing so that it picks up the latest definition.

thanks, I’ve uninstalled the thermostat thing and reinstalled, but no change.
I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the zwave binding, and again no result.
Do I have to manually download a new zwave binding with your changes in it?
If so how do I do that, by getting the latest snapshot?


I managed to figure out how to load the latest binding snapshot
refreshed the thing, and it works fine.
thank you.

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