CLOCK Command Class in Z-Wave

I am having issues with an Aeotec Nano Dimmer and Wall Swipe - there is a night light function that doesn’t seem at all to work right when I set the on/off time - apparently the Wall Swipe/Dimmer relies on a Clock SET command must be used in Z-Wave to set the time frame of your Nano Dimmer according to Aeotec support.

They mentioned this as well:
“you may need to use OZWCP to access the Clock Command Class as i don’t believe most softwares do not allow easy access to this.”

I tried to search on here and google about clock channel on zwave/OH2 but no luck.

Running latest OH2.5

What exactly is the device? (ie model number).

OH supports the clock class so this should be able to be set if it’s configured.

The device is the ZW111

Parameter 84 allows you to set and on/off time for the night light (which by the way is explained wrong/incorrect on that github site. As the HEX needs to be converted to DEC to get the 24-hr time).

the 0x12 = 18 in DEC which is 18:00/6pm according to Aeotec support.

Either way, the issue for me is that it seems the device isn’t aware of the correct time

Only for Firmware 2.3 and greater.
We have 2 database entries for this device, depending on firmware version.

My device is on V2.3 since that is the only FW that works with the wall swipe attachment/panel

Also this isn’t about setting Parameter 84, it’s about getting the correct time to the ZWAVE device in question.

Are you looking for the time_offset channel?

I don’t believe that is what I need…Aeotec support said to use the CLOCK Set command.

That channel is to offset the time - but I don’t know what the time is on the device so that can’t help me much.

I see the Engineering Spec document we have with the Z-Wave details is old (2017). Perhaps they added that command since that time.

EDIT: I just found one 4 revisions newer.
EDIT2: I see nothing to help with this but I will upload to our database for future reference.

We seem to be discussing different things maybe? The command referenced as I understand it is a part of the ZWAVE protocol which is why it can be set by OZWCP.

I am learning here too.
Let’s wait for Chris’ response. He’s the real expert.

I appreciate the banter either way - never hurts to throw things out there. I’ve been at this for a few days now, searching, reading docs, trying all kinds of setting changes… It’s the only reason why after speaking with Aeotec to confirm a few things that I understand that my thoughts the dimmer doesn’t know what time it is, is the culprit.

Now I just hope it can be resolved or I will have to randomly start guessing at time offsets to get me close :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not worried about the parameters. A number is a number - hex or decimal the binding is just getting a number.

I’ll take a look at the database and see if the clock channel is on this device (presumably not) and if not will add it. It should not be an issue as this has been supported in openHAB for many years.

That is what you need. This is the time set command, and using this channel will keep the time set correctly. The value that it gives is the offset from nominal time, but if it gets “too far” off, it will automatically be set.

The database just has the time_offset channel in the Endpoint for clock.

Yes - what are you after?

Sorry I conflated channel and command.
In the database it is device 1096.

Ok, I think this is fine - or am I missing something somewhere?

Sorry now I’m a little lost now with the above.

Do I set the time with the Clock offset command in an .items list then? Or is it something else that needs to be done?


The clock setting is automatic. You should just need to specify this channel and it should set the time whenever it gets a certain amount away from the PC time (I forget the numbers now).

OK great, thank you I will give that a shot and report back.