Cloning a running openhab system (SSD to SSD)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 4 - 4 GB Ram
    • openHab Version: Openhab 3.4

I have two SSD´s connected to my Raspberry. Each of them have 256 GB.
Today i had a Powerbreak and the openhab installation crashed. The file and disk structure of the first SSD was destroyed. So i used my second SSD (cloned drive). This was not a problem and the system runs fine. At this problem a question came up.

I have used DD for cloning a running system. As far i know it is not the recommended method to clone a running system. It can work … but it can also create problems.

How is it possible to clone a running openhab (whole system) from SSD 1 (/dev/sda/ ) to SSD 2 ( /dev/sdb/ ) ???

So that in case of drive or data problems i can boot with the other one


I use dattobd to create image snapshots of my running machine for backup purposes (I’m using urbackup):

Check out the documentation there, you can use it to create a snapshot of your system and dd this snapshot data to your second ssd.

Note however that kernels 5.10 and up are not yet supported.