Cloud Connector uninstalling itself

I was hoping the community could help.
I installed OpenHabian (OpenHab2) on a Pi3 and have been running it from a USB stick for better reliability.

Unfortunately, the cloud connector seems to uninstall itself approximately every two weeks, or whenever the Pi3 loses power. I have to login to Paper UI to reinstall it.

Is there a way to keep the cloud connector permanently enabled?

It shouldn’t uninstall itself like that. There is something else going on.

Please gather and post the logs that OH writes when it needs to restart and uninstalls the add-on. If possible also gather logs around the time that the connector is uninstalled on its own.

Does it only occur when the Pi loses power or does it also occur when you just restart OH or reboot the Pi?

Are you using addons.cfg for anything? Have you ever used addons.cfg for anything in the past?

Note: running from a USB stick will not protect you from file and file system corruptions that may occur when the Pi loses power instead of shutting down cleanly. Neither will an SDD nor HDD protect you also.

And using a USB stick may buy you a little more time over an SD card but it will not prevent the wearing out of the flash memory entirely.

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