Cloud items not showing

I am trying to expose an item on I have been through all the diagnostic steps (including the 10 listed, and read about others endeavors), and have got to a point where it appears the items are being sent but are not appearing.
I have been through the process of deleting all items in myopenhab, just in case something had got messed up.

The log is set to TRACE, but the only thing that shows is the DEBUG line. The log shows:
2020-08-02 17:21:03.278 [DEBUG] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Sending update ‘ON’ for item ‘XXX_Status2’

But when I visit the items section, it is blank.
I have tried logging off and back in. Oh, and it is showing “Online”.

Anyone got any clues for what I can try next?

I intend using ifttt, which is why I need it working.

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That functionality no longer exists if you’re using the hosted openHab Cloud. There are several threads in the forum that explain why:

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As stated here, currently IFTTT webhooks seem to be down for me (so no option either):

Thank you Justin, that is very helpful. Fortunately, that is not my actual use case - I was simply using it as a step to prove some level of functionality. I intend sending from IFTTT to openhab, which I presume is still working…

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case. As @JustinG notes, the ability to expose items was removed last summer due the load constantly crashing the myopenHAB servers, and a solution was not found. The choice was between stability and exposed items, and stability won. IFTTT was a casualty, not the primary reason for the change.

Folks who do need IFTTT have been setting up their own cloud servers, which work fine since the number of exposed items doesn’t become unmanageable. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into doing that.

It would probably make more sense for someone to build an add-on specifically to connect to IFTTT’s API. But I’m not a developer, so I don’t know what’s involved or if that’s even possible.

Thanks Russ. I will need to think of another solution to being able to take an openhab decision on the basis of an email sent by a stand alone system. Being on broadband with CGNAT complicates things a lot where hosting is concerned.

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What exactly do you want to accomplish? Does the communication have to be by email?

Hi Russ, get status of a Texecom alarm. The only output at the moment is email. I could get an additional board installed to give IP connectivity, but the interface that OH could use is not clear. Someone has done it with a serial interface, but that’s not particularly where I want to go. The Texecom Connect Hub, is supposed to have an API, but not openly documented, and not even sure it would work. The only thing I can do is get an email sent to a destination of my choice. I then want to use the status contained in the email, armed or not, to do certain things. I accept email is not a great solution in this case, but it is quick, and will give me time to work out if the additional hardware is worth exploring, and then get installed - it is a managed system so I cannot do it myself.

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I haven’t used it myself, but I believe there’s a way to have emails received by a gmail account sent to a telegram chat. OH’s telegram binding is quite robust and very low latency.

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Just to add some details.

IFTTT integration is not dead. But it is going to require a significant amount of effort to rebuild and deploy the openHAB cloud servers in a way to handle the load. That effort is planned for but not yet accomplished.

Do you have control over the format of the email? If so you might be able to use the Mail Control binding in the mean time. But that binding requires the email be of a certain format. It’s also a 1.x binding so it’s long term utility is not great. But hopefully by the time you’d migrate to OH 3 the IFTTT integration would become restored.

Note, the latency with IFTTT email is huge (in my experience). Are you OK not getting the alert for up to 10-15 minutes after the alarm went off? If not, you may need an alternative approach anyway. For example, mail clients on Linux are very scriptible. You write a script that runs once a minute or so, checks for new messages on your mail server and if it sees on from Texecom command an Item in openHAB through the REST API.

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I think Node Red can also react to emails, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Thanks, will take a look.

Hi Rich, it’s not alarm going off status, it’s set or not. And a 10-15 min delay would not be a major problem. I dont have any control over the original message content, but I would bet I could do somthing with Outlook VBA. On the other hand you have given me an idea about using my NAS which would likely be better.
Thanks for the pointer to MailControl, had not seen that before.
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Hey there,
I am wondering if this has to do with controlling everything over Alexa. Is this the case?
It is not possible to use voice to turn things on/off at the moment and now I am searching for the cause and I do not see any items at myopenhab.

Thx in advance.

Edit: I think it is exactly that and I had very old items and it seems like they got deactivated too now.

There is not and never has been a requirement to expose any of your Items through the Cloud Connection binding to make the Items available to Alexa. All you need to do is add the right tags or metadata to the Items.

I dont know what it was, but it is working again. They were all gone and did not show anything (before maintenance).