Cloud Plant DB with API for plant sensors

Hi guys,

Please redirect me if I’m posting this into wrong place of this forum. I hope that this can be useful for OpenHAB developers who is interested into plant sensors and monitoring.

I’m working on a cloud Plants Database with API which I hope that can be useful for this integration.
At this stage, this database consists of temperature, light, soil moisture and fertility thresholds I found in open internet sources. It can be used with Xiaomi MiFlora plant sensor or any other sensor. It is also useful for different irrigation projects.

This is FREE service and it will always be free! Anyone can use information from the database for any purpose without permission.

It is intended to be community sourced and I see it as a GitHub for plant care recipes.

The purpose is to help the community with collecting and storing STRUCTURED information about plants care and potentially plants in general.

The service is in active development and it has already gone live so you can login , get API credentials and start using that. BTW, there is a social Single SignOn so you don’t even have to register.

The documentation is within Web UI and in GitHub (see below)

Currently, DB is read only so you can search plants and get their specific environmental/soil thresholds.

I will be adding sample clients to the below Github repo to give you an idea how to use the API.

I’d love to build integration with OpenHab as well but it may take time for me as I’m not familiar with OpenHab so I’d be great if someone could help with this.


  • Allow to add and update plants thresholds via WebUI
  • Ability to lodge request for specific plants information to be added to DB
  • Plant detection API from images
  • And many other ideas which are blowing my mind… :slight_smile:

Please take a look. Let me know what is working well and what is not working at all. Any thoughts and feedback will be much appreciated. I’m open to new feature requests and your ideas!

Just in case there is discussion on this HASS forum where you could get some more info.


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