Cluster of brokers with master broker database

Hi Guys, just a question to find documentation
ho I can create a cluster of brokers, have one broker that is the master on the web and all the other broker located in different places in the world that do their local work but at the same time they send all the data of their clients to the master broker that can generate databases of data where extrapolate statistics and eventually allow to the external user to reach the clients destinated to their control.
master broker-database
client broker wirth his clients
transfer data to the master broker
thank you very much

Are you trying to invent the internet?
More seriously, are you talking about MQTT?
This might help

although I think you might have to learn a bit more about publish/subscribe model.

What data - communications traffic, or end device sensor readings, or what?

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let’s say that I have 4 houses and every house collects data from clients, temp, consumption, etc.
let’s say that I can control every access, presence of the houses from my phone and I want that some persons have personal access to a specific house and data from the house (the singular house where he lives).
how I can use an external server to install openhab to connect all the other raspberry (local houses with clients) openhab that in local can be handled by the local raspberry hopenhab with their own network but in remote access have to pass through my central openhabb to control their local device, and how I can use my external openhabb to have a duplicate of the consumption data of the clients openhab to generate statistics?
do I have to duplicate the mqtt communication in every single device or do I have a way to make all the openhab servers communicate between them and define who is the master and who is the slave?

btw thanks for the quick response, you guys are amazing!

See -

It’s up to you to decide what is shared, and write rules for local and/or remote actions.


looks like what I am looking for, can you redirect me to the right documentation and path, thanks
really appreciated!

This is the documentation in addition to rossko’s forum post.

hey guys, you are gold, I am reviewing all the info and let you know, a big thank you in advance anyway