Cm11a binding and log file parsing

Hello everybody,
I’m a new user here on the forum and I’m trying to adapt my X10 old installation with the aid of the cm11a binding.

I can trigger switches and dimmers and I’d like to intercept the X10 commands given by the in-wall modules in the apartment to trigger events for items different than X10 ones (in my case I need to turn off both an RF-controlled led ribbon and a few Tasmotized lamp switches, when I push the “ALL_OFF” button near the main door, before exiting the apartment).

When I trigger for example command A8-OFF, the openhab log says:

2020-04-13 19:38:00.705 [INFO ] [.binding.cm11a.internal.X10Interface] - cm11a received a command but the transmission didn’t include an address.

This kind of information seems useless and I don’t know if it’s because of the binding itself or because I’m in France and I’m using a cm12F serial interface (it should be compliant 100% to cm11a protocol).

When I trigger for example an ALL_UNITS_OFF command, the openhab log says:

2020-04-13 19:38:26.182 [WARN ] [.binding.cm11a.internal.X10Interface] - cm11a received the command: ALL_UNITS_OFF. This command is ignored by this binding.

In this case I have a command which is well recognized but I cannot find any way to make a system warning trigger anything! Is it technically possible ?

Has anybody a clue on how I could achieve my little goal ?!?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:

PS I already tried with cron and bash ( via tail command ) to parse the log file and trigger actions with :

openhab-cli console smarthome:send

but to avoid multiple triggers I have to delete from the log the WARN events, after the command execution, and then, unless I restart OH2 service ( I don’t have any clue why! ) I cannot get the WARN updates from the cm11a binding any more ( despite all continues to work correctly ).

I can’t help with the root of the problem but there is a LogReader Binding that you could use instead of a tail/cron/bash script. It doesn’t solve your problem but at least it’s a better way to work around it.

Thanks rlkoshak,
I’ll give a look to the LogReader Binding.

Do you know if there’s any plan to extend the trigger events elements with the system warnings ?

I don’t use this binding nor know anything about it. Your best bet is to check on github and filing an issue. But filing an issue does not guarantee that what you are asking for will happen. Everything gets developed with volunteer labor. And given that X10 is so old there are not many devs who are still using it.

I’m also getting the “cm11a received a command but the transmission didn’t include an address.” error. Did you ever find a way to resolve the problem?

I’m also getting this issue, did anyone resolve it?