CM11a Controller Binding


Newbe to OpenHab but liking it so far, along with Philips Hue I also have some x10 stuff, I can see on the openHAB site ( that there is a binding for the cm11a (which I have), but I have installed version 2.1.0 of openHAB and cm11a binding isn’t appearing in the list.

Should it be in the list of bindings to enable or do I have to do something else to install it (while searching for answers I did find a GitHub repository which may have a copy of the binding)?

Cheers for any help.


Please be aware that the documentation represents the nightly version, so it’s most likely that you will get the CM11a binding by using unstable Version 2.2 (it’s quite stable in the meaning of stability though)

Cheers for that, I completed a rebuild with 2.2 and the binding is available.